You print and we take care of recycling your print suppliesYou print and we take care of recycling your print supplies

You print and we take care of recycling your print supplies

Included with RelaxRate, our Clean Planet Program disposes your print supplies in an environmentally responsible way - no matter the size of your company.

How does the Clean Planet Program work?

When you rent a printer with Konica Minolta, you can rely on us to keep a clean planet. Companies of all sizes have to dispose of printing supplies in a way which is safe for our environment.

We understand that not all businesses can have access to large waste disposal systems and often these solutions can be expensive or time consuming. We collect and dispose your print supplies and freeing you up to manage your document printing as normal.

Latest quality standards1. Latest quality standards
85% of your used supplies are recycled to latest quality standards, in order to obtain secondary raw materials.
Sophisticated2. Sophisticated
12.7% on average will be used in energy recovery processes.
Secure and reliable3. Secure and reliable
From the timely collection to reliable recycling: You can absolutely rely on our entirely secure processes.
Save time and money4. Save time and money
This process is perfect for local or small companies as it can save you time and money.
One web portal5. One web portal
Just a few mouse clicks. Our recycling service is simple, convenient and hassle-free for you.

What print supplies can you recycle?

Anything that your business uses as part of its print needs. Every business, no matter what size, will need to find a place for:
Toner cartriges1. Toner cartriges
Photoconductor drums2. Photoconductor drums
Bottles3. Bottles
Any other print supplies4. Any other print supplies

How can you get involved?

Register1. Register
Register on our Clean Planet Program portal. Here you can access all services and information of the program, for instance order pick-up services and manage your addresses.
Order & delivery2. Order & delivery
Order your collection boxes in the size and quantity suitable for your requirements. We deliver your boxes to the specified address.
Arrange your pick-up3. Arrange your pick-up
Place your used supplies in the collection boxes. Once these are full, schedule a pick-up on a day of your choice.
We handle the rest!4. We handle the rest!
We collect the full boxes from your premises and reliably ensure the recycling of your used consumables.
Get your printer with RelaxRate

Get your printer with RelaxRate

You can get a range of customer benefits including the Clean Planet Program and more by renting a printer with RelaxRate. Take a look at our RelaxRate packages and rent your desired printer at a fixed monthly fee.
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