Payment & Delivery

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The delivery service you receive depends on the type of product you have purchased.

For products with RelaxRate (Rent+Service):

This service is a necessary condition when renting a Konica Minolta printer with RelaxRate.
By providing this service, we will ensure professional delivery of the purchased equipment directly to the installation site. The service includes moving the device to its destination, unpacking the device and expert compilation.

After purchasing the printer, the Konica Minolta Customer Center will agree a suitable delivery date with you. The contractual carrier will then deliver the printer to you on the agreed date.

The service includes:

  • per-configuration of your printer at our hub for fast on-site installation
  • alignment of delivery date
  • transportation to the place of installation
  • professional unpacking and assembly of your printer
  • Configuration is connected to your network
  • Packaging is taken back by the delivery company

For products purchased directly:

This service is a necessary condition when buying a Konica Minolta printer. When you make a purchase, we will ensure professional delivery of the purchased equipment to your chosen address.

The service includes:
  • Transportation to the kerbside
  • Receive your order 3-4 days after you place it.


We offer two different payment methods: SEPA Direct Debit and Credit Card payments.

The payment depends on the selected product model. We offer products for direct purchase and products including RelaxRate. The RelaxRate is a monthly payment for machine and service.

In both cases, payments will be charged after delivery via the payment method you selected.
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