Installation Process for your Konica Minolta Machine

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How long does installation take?

Our technicians take just 30 minutes to install a printer and 45 minutes for a multifunctional device. If, for whatever reason, the installation will take longer than this time, our service engineer will inform you as soon as they are aware. Any extra time will be stated on the service report and invoiced to you.

What does installation include?

  • Alignment of an optional cartridge
  • Connection of the device to our “Customer Support Remote Care” system.
  • Entering network settings (IP address, gateway)
  • Driver installation on one PC or one server
  • Scanner settings (SMTP server)
  • Demonstration of access to the box using the Web Connection (only for Scan-to-Box)
  • Installation of user IDs for fax messages (optional)
  • Doing a test copy, print, scan and fax message
Once the basic installation is complete, our Service Engineer will give you the acceptance form to sign.

What do I need to prepare ahead of installation?

To ensure the smoothest installation process possible, we request that you provide the following during your appointment:
  • Arrange for your IT manager to be available and present.
  • During installation, our Service Engineer needs to have administrator access to the PC or server on which the driver is to be installed.
  • Please keep the following information at hand: IP address, Fax number (if applicable) and Text to be used for the user ID for fax messages
  • Ensure an Exchange server is be available in order to install scan-to-mail.
  • Presence of active electricity, network and fax connections.
  • Presence of a fax and network cable.

Need something extra?

If you require anything additional during installation that is not mentioned above, our technicians can support with this. Any supplementary tasks requested, fall beyond basic installation and will therefore incur an additional change.

If the Service Engineer’s schedule permits, he or she will do the extra task on the spot. Otherwise, a follow-up appointment can be made for you.